GUIDE of BANGKOK (GoB) är en turisttidning som ges ut i stor upplaga i framförallt Bangkok, men även på andra orter i Thailand.
Efter ett besök på Leng Hotel skrev man följande artikel om oss:  

GoB´s never idle reporter usually shacks up at Subamitr Hotel when he´s down the Western Seabord way, but this time, he took a chance and ventured down the small soi that leads to the beach in Hua Hin, just passing the Royal Garden Resort on Phetkasem Road.

There are plenty of guesthouses on this small lane but one in particular was well worth a visit we were told. Leng Hotel proved to be up to the rumours even though our expectations were high. First of all, the place is clean, really clean - no dust, no sand, no grubby tablecloths, no greasy ketchup bottles, no ants in the sugar bowl. Unreal. Second, the construction is robust and designed to a clever plan - three shophouses renovated so that the total space available is put to good use. In the rooms everything is in working order: Showers (cold and hot water) air con., TV (even remote controls), lights, electric outlets. The beds are comfortable, the furniture inside and out on the balcony are well-suited to the decor, the towels are big enough even for an overweight Scandinavian. Most impressive is that the mini-bar offers beer from Bt 50 per bottle, Coke and other soft drinks for Bt 15, and soda water for Bt 10; nothing is overpriced.

Leng Hotel is a family business at its best. Thais and Swedes in a working marriage with sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and kids all roped into the business; it´s much like visiting a family home with all the care and attention that involves.

The two tuk-tuks are another nice touch, even though you can easily walk to the town centre, it´s nice on a hot day to have the option of riding the 900 metres to the centre.

I´m afraid that the Subamitr has some tough competition here as Leng´s has cable TV too. Check in and check it out for yourself at 113/14-15 Phetkasem Road. Tel: (032) 513 546; Fax: (032) 532 095