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Answers to some frequently asked questions and other useful information. From A-Z.

Do not drink the tap water.
A small bottle of water is 7-10 Baht in the store.

Lemonade 10 - 20 Baht.
Beer 30 - 100 Baht.
Drink 80 - 100 Baht in a restaurant.

Usually the year is divided into 3 seasons.

The dry period is December to March. It rains very seldom and the air humidity is lower. December to the middle of January it is somewhat cooler, at least in the evenings. The temperature could be as low as 20 degrees Celsius (F68) in the evenings, but in daytime it is about 30 degrees C (F86).
From the middle of January to the end of March the temperature is 26-28 degrees C (F79-82) in the evenings and in daytime 30-34 grader C (F86-93).

The warm period lasts from April to May. The temperature now raises 1-3 degrees in the evenings and in daytime it is about 33-36 grader C (F92-97).

The rainy season lasts from June to November. The day temperature is about 32 degrees C (F90) and in the evenings just below 30 grader C (F86).
It could rain a lot or just a little. It varies a lot. Sometimes it is not raining at all for long periods. If it rains it is often scattered showers that lasts for a shorter time and then there is sunshine again.

The weather and temperatures concerns Hua Hin.
In southern Thailand it rains more and it is warmer.
I northern Thailand it can be rather chilly during the cold period and you need a thinner jacket if you stay there during this period.

Thai people do not care much about the weather. You often hear them talk about 2 seasons: dry and wet. But the differences are bigger than that so hear we talk about 3 seasons.

The currency is called Baht (pronounced as but)
You can change cash money, in most western currencies, to Baht in Thailand. You can also use your VISA or MasterCard for a cash withdrawal either at the bank or from a cash dispenser.
Mostly, you are not allowed to withdraw more than 20.000 Baht every 24 hours.

For currency rates go to
Cash money is used for almost all payment. Credit cards can be used at at hotels and department stores, but almost never in smaller shops. Tailor shops are an exception. Most of them take credit cards.
At LENG Hotel you can pay with VISA and MasterCard.

Thailand has 220 volt 50 cycles AC The wall sockets at LENG Hotel and in many other places are combined for Thai standard and European plugs with small round pins. See picture.
Thai standard is the same as US standard. I.e. plugs with 2 flat pins.

elctricity plug

Is your flight leaving short after midnight? Then you have to be at the airport the day before the date for flying home.
It happens rather often that travelers, with departure time short after midnight, arrives at the airport the same date as shown in the flight ticket, but then they are almost 24 hours late.

Thai food is often very spicy but there is also a lot of dishes for those who prefer milder food.
There is a large range of restaurants in Hua Hin that serves Thai food and western food.
At LENG Hotel we serve Thai food and some "Swedish" dishes as for example meat balls with spaghetti, hamburger and pancakes with ice-cream.
Lunch is from 60-80 Baht in a Thai restaurant. In the big hotels it is a lot more expensive.
Dinner costs about 100- 300 Baht.
Soup in a small Thai restaurant is 40 - 60 Baht.
Western food is more expensive,

Water with the food is mostly included.
Water and ice used in the restaurants comes from a factory and is of good quality.
Outside the tourist places and in the countryside you should be more careful.

Greenfee is 1.200 - 3.500 Baht weekdays. Weekends the greenfee is more expensive at some of the golf courses
Caddy is mandatory and the rate is about 200 Baht. A golf car is 650-750 Baht. Renting a set of golf clubs is 800 - 1.000 Baht.

Thailand has good and cheap health care..
Smaller complaints are treated rapidly by hospitals or clinics. You usually do not have to wait longer than 10-15 minutes before someone is taking care of you. It is cheap and the medicines, which they give you directly at the hospital, are included in the price.
If you should be affected of something more serious, there are several modern hospitals in Hua Hin.
The hospital issues the documents needed for your health insurance.

Dental care is also well functioning in Hua Hin. In urgent cases you will be taken care of immediately. If you want to make a larger operation, you may have to wait a couple of days, at least during high season. Some of the clinics are top modern and like everything else it is cheap for a westerner.

New glasses are mostly a good bargain in Thailand. We help you to find a good optician with the best equipment and the best prices.

95% of all Thai citizens are Buddhists, 2% are Muslims, 1% are Christians and the remaining 2% are other religions.

It is cheap to buy clothes, tailor made and handicraft. Also some electronics are cheaper in Thailand than in many other countries.
Bargaining is a rule. About 30% is usual but varies both up and down depending on what you are buying, and where. Goods sold in the street or at markets have more margin than small shops.
In a galleria some bargaining use to be possible. In "real" department stores it is mostly impossible to bargain.

A good rule is to make a deal with the taxi driver before entering the taxi. This is very important in fake tag heuer Bangkok as it could be very expensive otherwise.
This is seldom a problem in Hua Hin where fixed rates are used within the central parts. From Leng Hotel to the center the fare is 100 - 150 Baht.
For longer trips you have to make a deal with the driver.

To make a phone call from LENG Hotel to Europe costs 80 Baht per minute.
At an Internet café you can call much cheaper through Internet, but the sound quality is sometimes bad.

You can use your GSM-telephone in Thailand. It is cheap to use the mobile phone for making a call to a phone number in Thailand.
But if you want to make a call to a friend, that´s sitting next to you in Thailand, that also has a mobile phone from the same country as you (or another country except from Thailand), you must make a long distance call.
This is very expensive as the calling part has to pay for a long distance call to the home country and, most often, the called part has to pay for a long distance call back to Thailand.
Country code for Thailand is 66.

Thailand time is GMT + 7 hours.

The traffic in Thailand is very lively. Mostly they drive on the left side of the road. But be careful when crossing the street. Motorbikes and sometimes cars often practice right-hand traffic so look both ways before stepping out in the street.
In many countries it is not allowed to turn left (or right when right-hand traffic) if the traffic lights show red light for you. But this is allowed in Thailand, so beware.

A common question is if you cartier replica sale need to inoculate against something when going to Thailand. We advice you to talk with your doctor about this.
There is no malaria in Hua Hin and no need for preventive malaria medicine as long as you stay in inhabited places.

Citizens in most western countries do not have to apply for a visa if the duration of the stay is 30 days or less.
A list of visa requirements for all
countries you find at under "tourist visa" or check with the Thai Embassy in your home country.
In most cases the "expire date" of your passport must be at least 6 months after the date entering The Kingdom of Thailand.